So glad you dropped by…

Prepare yourself for an experience like you’ve never had before. Do you fancy fans, tasty teas, palatable pastries and a naughty nightlife? Then this is the place for you!


Who We Are

As the name suggests, this an up and coming burlesque troupe for the impure of heart, the scintillating sinners, debaucherous dames, and naughty nerds of all genders and orientations.

We specialize in Nerdlesque and our acts vary with diverse styles of dancing, comedic skits, cosplay, kink, nerd humour with a side of education!

Think burlesque is all about striptease? Think again! We’re delighted to denounce some of the common misconceptions of the art of burlesque, as well as give a hearty helping of body positivity.

We love all kinds here so long as you’re healthy! From the skinny and sexy to the voluptuous vixen, we’ll have you all. That includes you gentlemen folk as well! Where would be without our sultry, suave sirs?

….not any world we want to live in, that’s for sure.

Our Mission

Pleasant Nightmare strives to do more than just put on a great show. We want to have our audience leave our show feeling better about themselves than they did when they came in. We want them to learn something new or have their eyes opened to a new point of view….but most importantly, we want them to know that they are beautiful and feel confident enough to say so.